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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

I love to photograph people! Every person is unique and I love to let their uniqueness shine. Being present and in the moment while photographing allows me to see the uniqueness and beauty we all hold. I use a very natural look and feel in my portrait photography that is a combination of shallow depth of field and natural light to create images that are rich in emotion and technique. I specialize in different portrait photography: Family, Bridal, Children, Maternity, Senior, and Studio portraits.


Sergio Furer

I love telling stories through images. When I was a child, I would stay up late and look at old photographs of my family. I would wonder what were they thinking and feeling in those pictures. When I immigrated from Argentina to the United States at age 6, those old pictures allowed me to connect with my distant family in Argentina.

Now with over 15 years of experience capturing weddings, portraits, special events, and fine art, I have been able to use this special medium to tell stories for myself and many others, and I would love to use it to help you tell yours. I strive to bring you beautiful images that bring out the uniqueness of your special moments. Thank you, I look forward to the opportunity to photograph for you!


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