Wedding Photography:
After the joy and celebration of a wedding, there are only two material things that the couple take with them into their marriage; the rings and the photographs. Professional photographs are the single best thing a couple can invest in when it comes to their wedding. Your wedding photographs are the first heirloom you have created for your new family. They will be passed on from one generation to the next as a keepsake and memory. It’s important to hire a photographer that has experience and a creative eye to create images that are timeless and will last lifetimes.

I have over 15 years experience being a wedding and event photographer. I have the experience and creativity to create stunning, original, and timeless photographs for your wedding and memorable event. My style of photography is a combination of “photojournalistic” and “traditional wedding photography”. This means I allow scenes to unfold naturally, in a candid way, while also providing posed scenes that have the look and feel of a traditional wedding.

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Portrait Photography:

I love to photograph people! Every person is unique and I love to let their uniqueness shine. Being present and in the moment while photographing allows me to see the uniqueness and beauty we all hold. I use a very natural look and feel in my portrait photography that is a combination of shallow depth of field and natural light to create images that are rich in emotion and technique. I specialize in different portrait photography: Family, Bridal, Children, Maternity, Senior, and Studio portraits

Professional Headshots:
As a small business owner I know the importance of marketing yourself in a professional manner. People are more likely to remember you when you have a professional headshot on your business card and website. I provide professional headshots for business owners and professionals in the studio, in their work space or out in nature. I use simple techniques that provide great results.

Fine Art Photography:
One of my true passions as a photographer is shooting landscape photography. There is nothing like being out in nature, capturing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, and being left in awe and wonder at nature’s gifts. I love being in peace and gratitude in nature. Through my images of nature, I strive to invoke conservation and respect for life. I believe nature should be preserved and honored for future generations; not exploited to make a quick dollar at everyone’s expense. I provide fine art photography in black and white or color for your home or office.

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Colorado photographer, Sergio Furer.